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Eos Wireless iPod Audio System Review


While multiple room audio setups are far from new, true plug and play wireless systems have yet to be a force to be reckon with.  Eos Wireless has given it a shot with an incredibly easy to use wireless speaker system and the results are good, but less than stellar....


Sony Ericsson Idou 12MP Phone Becomes The Satio

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At the time of launch we knew that Sony Ericsson’s 12 megapixel camera phone, the Idou, would receive a name change once it got closer to an official launch. Well, that day – not the launch day, but the name day – has come. The Sony Ericsson Idou will be...


Polite Umbrella Morphs Upon Yank (video)


If you’ve ever side swiped some one’s cornea with the tip of your umbrella – ya, I’m talking about eye gouging – then you might wanna consider the Polite Umbrella.  Yanking the lower part of the handle causes the umbrella to shrink to a more crowd pleasing size, all the...


Big Belly Solar Powered Trash Compacting Trash Cans


Public garbage cans are an absolute necessity for keeping our streets clean, but ironically they require a smog producing truck for them to be emptied.  Enter the Big Belly, a solar powered trash compacting trash bin.  The Big Bellys are about to be installed in 500 locations in Philadelphia and...


Ninja Geek: Shuriken Shaped USB Thumb Drive


Talk about protecting your data. The Shuriken shaped USB Thumb Drive holds up to 2GB of data and costs a wallet damaging $109. The best part, though, is that GeekStuff4U, who sells the thumb drive, warns that it is not a real Shuriken, but that it may have sharp edges...


Palm Pre To Sync w/ iTunes Out Of The Box


Easily the most hyped smartphone since the iPhone two years ago, Palm Pre info is always well received.  Today’s nugget is that the Palm Pre will sync directly to iTunes right out of the box without required software.  Will this be a huge selling point for people?  Will it run...