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Griffin Elan Form Graphite Case For iPhone 3G Review


With iPhone aftermarket products easily overwhelming consumers by sheer numbers alone, it’s easy to get lost in the landfill when it comes to choosing something you like.  The Griffin Elan Form Graphite case for the iPhone 3G is a stylish and affordable way to outfit your most precious cellular device....


Lacie Intros Core4 And Core7 USB Hubs


USB hubs have always been about convenience, but until recent none have been quite so versatile as the Lacie Core4 and Core7 with design from Sam Hecht. The Core4 features 4 USB ports and a mini USB plug for attaching cameras and other mobile devices.  Thanks to Hect’s innovative design,...


Flip UltraHD Camcorder Review (video)


Two holidays ago Google was kind enough to hook me up with a Flip Mino camcorder.  It shot what appeared to be less than VGA quality video and transferring the footage from camera to my Mac was near to impossible.  Since then Flip has improved their game and now makes...


iFOB: A Nike+iPod Hacked Into A Keyless Entry


I have yet to get around to it, but one day I’ll remove my normal door lock in favor of a fingerprint reader or some sort of keyless entry.  Until that time I’ll just suffer the burden of carrying around a set of keys.  Nate on the other hand isn’t...


Thanko Gorone Double Sided Mouse


The Thanko Gorone Mouse 2 isn’t exactly what I’d deem practical, but for those on a budget and in need of a mouse that doubles as a Power Point Presenter it sure does fit the bill.  Hidden underneath the mouse, where the optical sensor resides, is a trackpad and a...


GameBoy iPhone Skin Comes With No Games

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How nice.  Retro video gaming will presumably never be lame and the next logical step in incorporating them into everything is this iPhone skin.  Aesthetically transforming your high tech device into an old school Gameboy will cost you $15 for the skins.  I’d rather see Excite Bike instead of a...


Travel Honey Car Finder: For Before Your DUI


I have a buddy that called into work one day saying that he couldn’t make it due to the fact the he was so drunk the previous night that he couldn’t locate his car.  The Travel Honey could have saved him from bag session I would give him later.  All...


LG Makes Complete LH55 Series Available For Retail Purchase


LG officially announced the retail availability of their LH55 series LCD TVs today. The 47-inch version has been available on Amazon since March, but you can now purchase the 37-inch, 42-inch and 55-inch for f $1,399.95, $1,799.95 and $3,899.95, respectively.  This particular series boasts LG’s TruMotion 240Hz with unique scanning...