Daily Archives: May 22, 2009


More Modern Warfare 2 Footage Appears (video)


By now you’re probably clamoring for some more Modern Warfare 2 news, the next installment in the Call of Duty series.  Although the video below doesn’t show too much, it does provide a quick glimpse into some of the scenarios we’ll be encountering, which includes a terrorist hijacking and ski...


Urbanize: The Future Of Bike Helmets


One thing is for sure about bike helmets: they’re ugly.  Everyone that wears one feels like a total dork and makes note of it to friends and family in the hopes of them saying ‘no, you don’t look that bad’.  But ask no loner thanks to the Urbanize helmet from...


Honeywell Prestige Hi-Def Touchscreen Thermostat


Honeywell’s Prestige is most certainly not your mom’s thermostat.  In fact it is only fitting that in the era of the iPhone that a thermostat with a high def color touchscreen should emerge.  Also included in the Prestige package is a wireless remote and compatibility with an outdoor sensor to...