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Trypticon Transforming Laser Mouse


If the Ravage USB Flash Drive wasn’t good enough to satisfy your lust for all things Transformer, then you might wanna check out the Trypticon Transforming Laser Mouse.  Also arriving in September, it features an 800 dpi sensor, 3 buttons and will cost $59.99. [via Likecool] Read...


Who Stuck A Mini Wiener Dog Through My Head?


Intended more for a ‘gas’, as in a laugh, the Wiener Dog Ear Buds remind me of the arrow throw the head gag from back in the dizzay. Yup, they’re sure to make you look like a dog loving douche and you can grab them for $12.95. Unfortunately, they only...


Citizen AIBATO M Bluetooth Watch


Citizen officially entered the Bluetooth watch market yesterday.  The AIBATO M wirelessly connects to select cell phones and can show caller ID, browse email, control some phone’s cameras, vibrate if there is a call and display other alerts.   Included is a desk charger and a single charge will provide up...


iUnika Solar Paneled Laptop

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Solar panels embedded on any product are practical but efficient, I don’t think so.  Nonetheless, I really like where iUnika is going with their 8-inch netbook, which they’re in fact calling a UMPC.  Embedded on the lid of the 1.5lb machine is a solar panel that is designed to supplement,...


AT&T Blackberry Curve 8900 Launch Date


News has just hit that AT&T will in fact release the Blackberry Curve 8900 this Friday, May 22nd, which is 3 days earlier than originally leaked.  Price for the full QWERTY keyboarded handsets will be $199.99 after a 2-year and mail-in-rebate.  But since it lacks 3G, I’d just opt for...