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Gadget Leak: LG enV Touch Release Date And Price


With the official Palm PRE release date out in the open, news of a June 5th launch for Verizon’s enV Touch is a bit on the moot side. Nonetheless, the handset we saw leaked last month (known as the EnV3 then), will include both a 3-inch internal and external (800×480)...


Shark Attack Wet Suit Is Scary Real

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Call it funny, call it a bad prank, but whatever it is called the Diddo custom wetsuits, particularly the one riddled with shark bite marks are sure to garner a significant double take that will have surfers scattering and moms cringing with disgust.  Using custom inks and unique printing techniques...


Gadget Porn: Flip Ultra HD Unboxing


Flip just sent over their Ultra HD and here is the unboxing.  I’m gonna make it a point to do more of these.  I couldn’t help but notice that their packaging was very iPhone like, which by all acounts is a good thing.  Expect a full review in the next...


More Fallout 3 DLC On The Way!


In what will likely be the most DLC ever delivered, the 4th and 5th installments will hit Fallout 3 for the Xbox 360 in June and July.  Also in big news for PS3 owners, Bethesda will release the first three DLC’s will arrive staring in June.  Exact dates have yet...


GameDR Timer For When You Need To Curb Your Gaming Prowess


Imagine all the things you could have become if video games did not exist.  To help you with that is the GameDR, a timer that shuts down your gaming systems when it’s time to do something else.  GameDR basically shackles any cord you plug into it and disables power upon...


Ravage Transformer USB Flash Drive

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Transformers 2 will release later this summer and with it will come a tidal wave of promotional crap.  Fortunately, the Ravage USB Flash drive looks to have nothing to do with what will be an epic failure of a film as it won’t officially ship until September of this year. ...


Google Tricycle With Street View Camera (video)


Here’s a novel approach to Google Street View: the Google Trike.  Designed specifically to reach historical landmarks, the Google Trike will first appear in Genoa, Italy (yum, meat) and then make its way to the UK sometime later this summer.  Google has requested that the British public provide suggestion on...


Phosphor Launches 2 New Affordable E-Ink Watches


Phosphor just kicked out two new E-Ink watches for your perusal, and contrary to popular belief they’re relatively affordable. First up is the Digital Hour Clock, which is pretty self explanatory. It features a 12 hour digital clock only and alternates between white-on-black to black-on-white to display each passing minute....