Daily Archives: May 18, 2009


Dog-O-Matic: Dog Washing Machine


One French inventor, Romain Jarry has plans to do to dog grooming, what the washing machine did to laundry.  Called the Dog-O-Matic – no, I’m NOT joking – it’s a giant machine that fits and washes dogs of all sizes at just a push of a button.  A complete cycle...


Button Spy Camera With Wedding Ring Activator


Spy cameras are cool and all, but when push comes to shove they’re not all that practical.  Why?  How do you start and stop recordings without alerting those being spied on.  Simple, you grab the Button Spy Camera with Ring Controller.  Just wave the ring near the pin hole and...


iPhone App ‘Push Notification’ Tests Begin


I think I speak for every iPhone user when I say ‘we’ve been eagerly anticipating the arrival of push notification’ for iPhone apps. Today, word has come through that ‘push’ will in fact be rolled out in iPhone Software 3.0 and here are some screen shots to prove it. To...

iPevo SO-10W Skype Phone - 1

iPevo SO-10W Skype Phone Review


It wasn’t too long ago that iPevo launched their latest Skype handset, the SO-10W.   I managed to get my hands on one and give it a once over.  It’s a straight forward Skype only phone that enables you to make and receive both Skype and Skype Out calls.  It...


Kill More People Chip Denied Patent


Why?  This sounds like a great idea.  Chipping animals is nothing new and this “preventive maintenance” measure is a logical step forward in the realm of dirtbag removal.  The primary function of this chip is to monitor human filth through GPS and than inject cyanide into the bloodstream if the...


Gadget Rumor: Zune/Xbox Handheld?


I was wondering when this rumor was actually going to see some artist renderings.  Not that it would be uncool, codename “xYz” would combine the MP3 awesomeness of a Zune and the gaming glory of an Xbox 360.  Here’s a mystery quote: The project, codenamed “xYz,” is said to feature...


Oster Whips Up A Touchscreen Blender (video)


Call it a bit gimmicky, but I bet you any amount of money iPhone owners and touchscreen fanatics will be running out to the store to pick up Oster’s latest, the eLume Touchscreen blender.  Although it’s just $70 a pop, some how I don’t think its screen will do more...


Nintendo Wii Dart Kit Is As Pointless As It Sounds


If lunging the Wiimote at your TV set isn’t a compelling enough experience while playing PDC World Championship Darts, then you might wanna grab the Dart Game Kit.  It took me a second, but no you don’t actually throw your Wiimote at the screen, you just emulate the motion and...