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SlingPlayer iPhone Now Available For $29.99


I totally missed this, but Sling Media’s SlingPlayer iPhone app is now available in the iTunes App store for $29.99.  The app allows you to control and watch your DVR’s contents right on your iPhone.  Initially AT&T rejected the application due to concerns of network congestion since the app’s first...


iHome’s New iP1 “Studio Series” UpScale iPod Speaker Docks


iHome, the makers of the original iPod clock docks, is entering the realms of higher audio with the iP1.  Looking as if it would fit perfectly in Patrick Bateman’s apartment (American Psycho), the iP1 should hit retailers around the middle of July for $300.  Featuring digital signal processing by Jon...


Huge 9 Minute BioShock 2 Walkthrough! (video)


Bioshock 2 will be one of the biggest games this holiday season.  The first Bioshock was a totally amazing play that was so well rounded it caught many by surprise.  Here’s a new 9 minute video walkthrough by one of the games designers.  Enjoy! [GR]8wNRjNuq7yU[/GR] Read...


Yeti Sports: Pingu Throw Review


Is there an official count on exactly how many games are in the App Store? Thousands I’d imagine with more and more arriving every week. I got the chance to play the first installment of Yeti Sports iPhone game called Pingu Throw. Brutally simple, Pingu Throw is like a home...


Gadget Rumor: Slim PS3


Season yourself silly, because I’d take this one with a serious grain of salt.  Pictured here is supposedly a ‘slim PS3′.  Included is a 120GB hard drive, 2 USB ports and a slot loading Blu-ray player.  The casing looks to be manufactured of a cheap matte black plastic and the...


Retro Mini NES Puts The 80s In Your Hands


When the game cartridge outsizes the console, well, then you know were not exactly dealing with a practical purchase.  The Retro Mini plays all your old 8-bit NES games, just insert the now over sized cartridge in the slot, toss in 4 AA batteries and you’ll be whisked back to...


LG’s HB954TBW Blu-ray Player Includes An iPod Dock

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I’ve been holding off on purchasing a Blu-ray player, but LG’s latest, the HB954TBW, has officially piqued my interest.  When it launches it will be horrendously expensive – $1,050 –  but the idea of having a slide out iPod dock built into a Blu-ray player might just get me to...


Sonix7 Media Pro PMP Takes On Apple, Did They Win?


It’s not that unusual to get a press release announcing a product that takes on a problem, but taking on Apple, that takes serious cahonays.  One thing is for, the Sonix7 Media Pro is cheap considering what you get, but their website is riddled with customer testimonials, which sound as...