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Verizon HP Mini 1151NR Netbook Price And Release Date Unveiled


Finally!  We’ve now got official word that Verizon will start selling their long rumored (and confirmed) netbook on May 17th for $199.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate and a 2-year activation of their Mobile Broadband. Specs for the HP Mini 1151NR include a Qualcomm Gobi chipset (quad-band GPRS/EDGE/GSM and tri-band HSPA/UMTS),...


Logitech Comfort Lapdesk Review

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The Comfort Lapdesk, from Logitech isn’t what I’d exactly call an innovative product but it’s European design makes it one of the more attractive laptop lap desks.  The base of the Lapdesk is finished in a sturdy cotton like material while the desk portion is composed of a hard plastic. ...


Samsung Omnia HD I8910 Trick Video Magic Revealed (video)


Back in early April, Samsung released a trick video, which was recorded using the Samsung Omnia HD I8910.  They asked viewers to guess how they made the phone disappear, but continue recording video.  After almost 2,000 guesses, the creators behind the viral video has revealed their magical ways.  In case...


Gadget Rumor: Blackberry Onyx Coming To T-Mobile


Word on the street is that the 3G enabled BlackBerry Onyx 9600 (aka Driftwood) will be coming to T-Mobile this fall. The new, sexier phone will likely feature 3G (rejoice all you T-Mobile users), UMA support, UMTS/HSDPA, 3.2 megapixel auto focus camera, GPS, Wi-Fi, optical trackpad (heard good things about...


Lightsabre Umbrella Will Ward Of Sith Lords And Hit & Runs


Sure, the Lightsaber Umbrella looks totally impractical, but consider this: it’s a rainy and dark night and you’re crossing the street.   The approaching cars can’t see you in  your all black outfit, that is until you flip the switch and light up the umbrella’s LED illuminated shaft.  It takes 3...


Sony NWZ-X1000 OLED Walkman Gets Priced For US


I can’t say I’ve been holding my breath waiting for Sony’s latest X Series Walkman (NWZ-X1000) with OLED screen to release here in the US.  But today Amazon US officially received pricing info for the 16GB and 32GB MP3 player.  It will set you back $299.95 and $399.95, respectively.  Unfortunately,...


JVC Releasing 4 x HD Camcorder And 8x HD Projector


How many pixels are too many pixels?  JVC may have the answer.  The consumer electronics company has plans to release an 8k projector.  That’s 8,192 x 4,320 pixels, which compared to today’s 1920×1080 HD resolution is ridiculously large.  It can also pump out 10,000 lumens of brightness and a 5,500:1...