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Laptop Pillow Case Makes Me Drowsy

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There’s been a many a time I’ve fallen asleep at my computer.  Now I can do it in complete comfort with the keyboard and laptop pillow cases.  It probably won’t trick the boss, but should make for a good Friday laugh. [via @Make] Read...


iPhone Compass Discovered in Beta 3.0


According to a screenshot discovered in the debugging menus in the 3.0 beta firmware, the next software iteration of the iPhone will include a digital compass, otherwise known as a magnetometer.  At first glance those with GPS enabled iPhones (i.e. gen 2) will be quick to discard a compass feature,...


Garmin Oregon 550 GPS Does Underwater 3.2MP Pics


Looks like Garmin still has a few tricks up their sleeve, even if they are a bit on the gimmicky side.  Introduced yesterday, the Oregon 550 GPS device includes a 3.2 megapixel camera that can  capture geotagged images in portrait or landscape mode.  But the versatility doesn’t stop there.  The...


Samsung Alias 2 E-Ink Keyboard Captured On Video (video)


Mystery no more.  The Samsung Alias 2’s dynamic keyboard system, which uses e-ink technology to adjust its orientation depending on how the phone is opened, has now been confirmed and captured on video.  I’m currently working from a DNS that blocks YouTube so I don’t have the luxury of viewing...

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