Daily Archives: May 7, 2009


Scosche reCoil iPod/iPhone Car Charger Review


Nowadays everybody is jumping on the iPod car charger scene but it’s not too often you see one of these.  Tailored to de-clutter your dash area while giving your iPod/iPhone all the power it needs comes the 3 foot retractable Scosche reCoil.  Lightwieght and pocket size, the reCoil will be...


eWoo eFizz Travel Speaker For iPod Review


While iPod speakers are a dime a dozen these days, it’s often hard to find a really good one for the money.  Ewoo, while sounding like an overseas car manufacturer actually makes a travel speaker dock for the iPod called the eFizz Travel. Boasting up to 20 hours of wireless...


World Cup 2010 To Bring Mobile TV To The ForeFront?


While currently no one really cares about mobile (cellular) TV, corporate executives are banking on World Cup 2010 in South Africa to finally bring the service some decent limelight.  It really makes sense actually because the majority of soccer and World Cup fans will be working multiple jobs and will...

Joel Mchale

Joel McHale Is UbiSoft’s E3 SpokesPerson


I’ve always wished there was a whole channel that ran E’s “The Soup” all day and all night.  Joel McHale is the funniest host yet and now he’s got a side gig as Ubisoft’s  E3 spokesperson.  Ubisoft is having a press conference on June 1st at the Los Angeles Theater...


DJ Hero Controller Pic Surfaces And More “Hero” Games Announced For E3


With recent court drama surrounding Activison’s shady acquisition tactics involving Genius Products and Numark, a new DJ Hero controller picture has emerged.  Looking less cool but more realistic than previous pictures, will only three buttons be enough?  In additional Activision news, DJ Hero won’t be the only “Hero” game released...