Daily Archives: May 4, 2009


Nobis Caps_Lock: The Adjustable Fitted Baseball Cap


If you’re like me you have a hard time finding fitted baseball caps. They’re either too small or too big.  Enter the Caps_Lock from Nobis.  Located on the side of the cap is an adjustable dial that when rotated tightens or loosens an internal strap.  Better yet, this is ideal...


Gadget Leak: Amazon Kindle DX Specs And Images


Well, that didn’t take very long.  Although the official Amazon Kindle DX press event is just under 48 hours away, images of the latest iteration of the e-reader have been leaked to the blogosphere.  Not all is known, but expect at least a 9.7-inch display (why not 10-inches), PDF reader...


iPhone TV Lift Hack (video)


Oh the things to be done with an iPhone.  Will Dillon hacked together a Lift-Tech TV controller with some other kit to, you guessed it, control his TV lift from his iPhone.  It appears to operate over WiFi and as you’ll see in the video includes an ultra simple interface. ...


Samsung Intros 850 PAVV Plasma That’s Just 1-inch Thick


While most TV manufacturers are running to the hills in fear of ‘plasma’, today Samsung has further embraced the display technology with the introduction of the 850 PAVV 50-inch plasma TV.  The real story here is the set’s thickness, just 29mm (1.14-inches), but that doesn’t mean they’ve comprised on picture...


Nokia E71x Now Available From AT&T For $99.99


Although the last handset I’ll be buying this year is anything but an iPhone, I’m still really excited about the arrival of the Nokia E71x.  It’s a full featured smartphone and today AT&T started selling it for $99.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate and 2-year contract signing.  Features include a 3.2...

Hybrid Parking

Hybrid Parking Spaces High 5 Your Grandma


The elderly and people with disabilities have always had good parking.  Now preferential parking is offered to those of you trying to save the world.  Ikea was one of the first companies to start having “Hybrid Only” spaces in their parking lots and now business’s like Home Depot are starting...


Dark Horse Comics “The Terminator” Now In App Store


Dark Horse Comics from just south of Portland Oregon now has comics available in the App Store.  The first offering is the 4 part The Terminator: Death Valley comics at $1 each and each part is about 80 screens long.  Just another good use of the iPhone App Store in...