Probably the most believable thing about the movie “Minority Report” was the personalized billboards that popped up when people walked past them.  Yahoo Japan, who believe it or not is the most popular search engine in Japan, is set to launch 500 personalized billboards in malls and train stations in the southern city of Fukuoka this fall.

Basically the billboard machine will use facial recognition cameras to determine a persons vital marketing statistics as they walk towards it.  When they pass by a personalized ad pops up and the civilian is affected appropriately.

Tokyo-based company called Comel is teaming up with Yahoo to provide the hardware and NEC Soft is bringing the Facial Analysis Software.

Intrusive or cool?  What if the camera knows you have a yeast infection and offers up a vagisil ad?  And you’re a dude?  Some things are best unshared.


Jeff B