Bringing the magnifying glass bug execution method into the green age, this solar powered bug zapper might be of some moral conflict to those who cherish conservation as well as all of nature’s creatures.  Hippies are what I’m talking about.

Aimed to destroy over 100 flying bothersome pests, the UV bulb automatically turns on at dusk and can stay charged for up to eight hours from that days sunlight.  An integrated solar panel only requires moderate amounts of sunlight to charge and applies a 300 volt charge to any insect lured into its deadly grasp.

Made out of 100% stainless steel, the solar zapper is resistant to sun and water damage.  A cage surrounds the zapper so toddlers can’t stingfinger themselves, and the zapper can turn into an accent light with the press of a button. A set of 4 will run you $99

[Product Page via CoolestGadgets]

Jeff B