Russian Roulette Bubble Gun

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Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."

77 Comments to Russian Roulette Bubble Gun

  1. just because the balloon would exert an equal force on the material inside doesn’t mean that the force would be the same whether it was air, water, helium, etc.

  2. I’m still picturing how to fill it with farts. Maybe a “But wait! There’s more! Order now and get Fart Nozzle to shove up your rear and inflate for hours of fun!”

  3. I really agree with what you just said. Soz to act like a loser, but i think you have a point, and it’s valid so can people stop acting like idiots with the replies? It’s true – some small kid “oh look, daddy’s playing a game where he holds a gun with a balloon attached to it to his head and pulls the trigger. I want to try that one day. I wonder if it works without the balloon? I think I’ll try.” Years later, kid dies. Yeah, it’s a clever idea, but a stupid one at the same time.

  4. Sorry to burst all your bubbles but balloons don’t pop, they simply vanish into thin air leaving no visible traces whatsoever, even my retarded brother Winston knows this you fools

  5. Bangkok Bob

    Fill the baloon with water, the loser buys the next round!
    Shortcut, poke the baloon with a cigarette just as the “victim” pulls the trigger!

  6. You realize that if you leave a little air in the water balloon it will pop. just in case your pin prick won’t work on the part with the water come on meow use yours head a bit

  7. LOL that is cool, My brother and I played that game for fun, useing a revolver cap gun.
    We were deaf for the rest of the night. A ballon may be less harmfull. :D

  8. Oh why oh why can’t some one invent latex free balloons that are just as fun as the latex ones?!

  9. Kandy the Embezzler

    I love to steal and cheat my family. I lie to them every day. I hated my husband and kids and grandson. Now I don’thave to see them. I didn’t have the guts to use the gun.

  10. By god! It’s a cool little drinking game idea. Why the hell have morons started getting into the whole “video games and toy guns train murderers” argument (which is complete BS to begin with)? Take your uneducated, unrelated opinions elsewhere. Drinking=adult play, how the hell did kids become a part of the conversation. Keep your mouth shut and if you’re worried about the way kids are raised today, have your own and raise them the way you “think” they should be. Put your theories to practice on your own spawn and keep your nonsensical drivel off the internet. It’s too crowded already!

  11. Wub Deez

    “Pull the trigger and you’ve got a one in six chance that the trigger loaded pin will fire, resulting in an ear blasting, but non lethal balloon explosion.”

    Why does everyone seem to think this balloon is filled with water?

  12. If you filled it with half water and half air it would pop. Make sure it hits the air filled part :)
    There now everyone wins

  13. Ronald Baro

    Another one of the idiot things that man does. It’s still a spiritual way to blast your brains away but this time? by a balloon? come on!!

  14. Don’t kids today take enough risks without having a game to practice blowing your brains out? I guess once you feel really comfortable pulling the trigger and waiting for the bang in your ear, your ready for the real thing. Don’t kid yourselves, you know somewhere it’s going to happen. No that much different than playing some really violent video games then taking an arsenal of guns to school and blowing people away. And you know that already happened.

    • this man is an idiot

      you are stupid. don’t be an idiot. you are the reason this world is such a shithole these days.

      go die.

    • another one of you?

      Really? Blaming video games? I guess you’re right, it has nothing to do with the parents that don’t pay attention to their kids, making them feel unwanted and unheard… Parents who buy the video games so the kids will leave them alone, so the tv will do the parenting for them… These kids are crying out for attention in the only way their parents have shown them is an outlet; “Don’t bother me, child, go play some halo.” That’s the real issue.

      Excellent invention. Excellent ingenuity.
      Anyone opposed for moral reasons needs to reexamine family structure.

      Or we could just censor the world. That’s what freedom’s all about, right?

      • Chrysshart

        I think this would definitely make for a very fun drinking game!

        As to the more serious line here, anyone who is offended by this just needs to navigate their browser away from the site and forget about it.

        I believe the problem here is not linked to video games at all. I believe a lot of the problem is because many parents don’t teach their children responsibility these days (and the rest of society reinforces this). It seems to me that if a child grows up believing that he is not to blame for his actions, then he will never learn to be accountable to himself. He will simply say that ‘society’ is to blame, or his parents are to blame, or video games, or music. Any of a hundred possible reasons except for “I took a gun and shot this person.” This is not because of violence they see, it is because of responsibility they do not see. So often these days, I see a news story about a criminal of some sort who ‘got off’ because they had a bad childhood or they played violent video games. It makes me very sad.

        This is simply my humble opinion. I am a happily-married mother of 1 (so far) and my husband and I both play ‘violent’ video games and listen to ‘violent’ music. Neither of us has ever felt the need to commit a crime. thank you, and have a nice day. :D

      • Sorry to hear you had a bad childhood. I guess morality should have nothing to do with it. The world it seems has no morals any more. Why don’t you just opt for the real thing? A .38 with just one bullet! I’ll be it’ll be a great drinking game. And so funny when your buddy blows the back of his head off. You can take pictures and put them on the internet. I’ll be you can get your parents attention then.
        If you practice something dangerous or distasteful long enough using a prop, it makes using the real thing much easier to do. It’s just another form of “brain washing”. And then you’re dead. It seems that everything today has to be extreme. Extreme skateboarding, extreme snowboarding, extreme base jumping. The list goes on. Why is this generation in such a hurry to die? Got to find something dangerous and push it to the limit. Got to try and cheat death and laugh about doing it. If you want to try and cheat death, join the Army or Marines. See if you can laugh when people are shooting at you. It may not bother you if you practice putting a fake gun to your head while getting drunk on a regular basis.

        • I would play this game in a heartbeat.

          I have never been suicidal or depressed, nor would playing this game somehow miraculously cause me to be suicidal or depressed.

          Anybody who migrates from a balloon gun to a real one is seriously disturbed and would have done it anyway.

        • i did join the army, and have cheated death three times so far in iraq as a bomb squad tech. i still think this is pretty cool. get off your damn high-horse, and quit your liberal pussifying ways.

        • I have never been suicidal or depressed… until i read your post! geesh buddy, let loose and live a little!

  15. nitpicker

    one: yes, waterballoons pop when you prick them with a pin, don’t be silly.

    two: to make this work with waterballoons, make the strap smaller,maybe 1/2 the diameter (still enough to soak anything, and add two straps below, crossing at 90 degrees, to act as a cage for the heavy, floppy balloon full of water, so it doesn’t fall or slip out anywhere. genius.

    three: talc=awesome. also: flour, pepper, itching powder….

    four: dye? really? that’s going a bit far, don’t you think?

    That is all.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry to pick you to nag on, but the idea of a powder-filled balloon popping in my face makes my lungs hurt. I’d rather be dyed red than be inhaling large amounts of fine particulate.

  16. Put a few squeezes of talcum powder or maybe red powdered paint (in powder form!) in the balloon before you fill it. That gives you a nice way of making sure everyone knows that the guy is DEAD!
    I lol’d!

  17. They should advertise these on TV…like the next time some station broadcasts “Deerhunter.” They’d make a killing. No pun…ok. Pun.

  18. Laffingidiot

    At first this sounded like the stupidest invention in history. But, thinking about it…
    In a Bar Setting, Holding the balloon to your head..If newly dead you buy next round. Continuing until there is only one “Survivor” would only be great!

      • Sounds like a brilliant idea, the only 2 issues I could think of is if the water could damage the gun or if the gun’s holding strap could deal with the extra weight of the water. Gotta remember it was designed for air.

    • sorry to be debbie downer but that wouldn’t work. water balloons dont just pop with a little pin poke. it would just cause a slow leak. definitely would only work with air balloons. man, i am a downer. lol, but still this is a pretty cool idea for some drinking games.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry to bring down your attempt at bringing people down, but the same effect still applies to water balloons. In ELEMENTARY school we learned that. If you put a needle in a balloon that is stretched, it will pop. Period. You can keep it from popping by putting tape on the balloon, and then putting a needle through the tape, because that will keep the hole from growing.

        In fact, I might go so far as to say that it will be MORE likely to pop, because of the fact that the water will exert higher pressure on the balloon walls.

        • sorry to “burst your bubbles…” sorry had to say it…

          the balloon will not pop if you poke the very tip of the balloon (where it is the thickest) but we all knew that..

        • The pressure would be the same either way. The water or air pressure on the inside would be equal to the force applied by the elastic wanting to compress over the surface area of the balloon plus the atmospheric pressure.

        • Anonymous

          so why do kids bite a little hole in water balloon before throwing it? and it doesn’t just explode in their faces? i’ve done that thousands of times and that’s never happened

          • Anonymous

            a balloon popping depends on the type of balloon your using and how full it is. also, you can bite a hole in a balloon (even if it has only air) and NOT pop it if you do it right.

            although, it doesn’t look like the gun was designed to hold a water balloon, it might fall out.

          • Tension, thickness, amount of water. To fit into the holder, the balloon would almost certainly not be stretched enough to cause it to pop, just stretch around the needle. Wouldn’t work.

          • Anonymous

            but what she was thinking was wrong, so she doesnt have a point making her a dumbass and you a super dumbass for standing up for her

      • Anonymous

        The fact is that you could simply put water in the balloon and then blow air in it…pop the section with air…bam! water/air balloon explosion!

        DarkSock pees in cats, i solve problems.

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