So I like waited all day for Palm to drop some news that they hinted at yesterday via their blog, and what do I end up with?  No, not a PRE release date – that would be Sprint’s job – but a convoluted post announcing the PRE SDK and ‘the cloud’.  Those looking to jump on the app bandwagon can apply right now.

They announced their very own cloud service – the Mojo messaging service – that will ‘enable developers to have live interactions between users and applications both on and off the cloud.’  I mean, could Palm get any more vague?

Palm also stressed the often overlooked capability of the Palm PRE webOS, which is the ability for Web applications to run naively on the PRE regardless of server access.  Cool if all the data can reside on the phone, but we all know this just isn’t possible, especially on a handset.  Does Palm have something up their sleeve that we don’t know about?

Lastly, they announced video detailing two new apps for Fandango and Pandora, but neither of them are currently live.


Christen Costa

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