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Verizon Samsung Trance Release Date And Price


Word just came through that the Samsung Trance will launch on April 24th and will retail for $49.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate and 2-year contract signing.  Our partner site wrote about the Trance a few weeks ago and showed off some leaked images as well as the aforementioned launch date. ...


iPWR SuperPack External iPhone Battery


Clearly one of the downsides of any touchscreen phone is a short battery life.  And since the iPhone is THE touchscreen phone it’s only fitting that we see an endless array of accessories to address this and other issues.  Just recently iPWR introduced its new iPWR SuperPack external battery charger. ...


Plantronics Voygaer PRO Bluetooth Headset Officially Launches


Last night Aliph unveiled their latest Jawbone Bluetooth headset, the Prime.  Interesting, because Plantronics just officially launched ‘their most advanced headset’ to date.  Is it me or do I sense a little competition going down?  Anyway, we actually saw the Plantronics Voyager PRO a few days early due to a...


Xbox 360 Fishing Pole Coming This Fall


Call it fake all you want, but the Xbox 360 fishing pole is the real deal, at least according to Unscripted360. It’s set to launch with The Hunt and The Strike video game, which features ‘realistic lake bottom topography, advanced graphics, life-like fish behaviors, fully customizable characters and an abundance...


Aliph Unveils Jawbone Prime


Aliph unveiled their latest Jawbone headset today, the Prime.  The biggest changes to the high end Bluetooth headset is a slightly more refined facade with additional colors to choose from, Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR, and a slightly tweaked algorithm of its Noise Assassin technology which should result in better sound quality. ...


NES Modded Into A Purse (video)


Jeri Ellsworth means business.  Video game business that is.  She’s taken a lady’s purse and modded it out with a 7-inch LCD screen from a portable DVD player, some sort of chip that lets her run NES games, two NEW controllers and a Commodore 64. I’m not sure how the...


Gadget Leak: LG Env3 Rear Gets Pictured


The LG Env3 is hardly a phone that warrants too much attention, but since it’s probably just around the corner from being released I can’t help myself (plus it makes for a good follow up article when it does launch).  Pictured above is a leaked image of the device’s back...


Gadget Concept: Zip Up Headphones

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There is one thing for sure about headphones: they get tangled. No matter what you do, or what gadgetry is employed you’ll eventually end up with a knot or worse yet a rat’s nest of cordage.  Although the Zip Up Headphones concept won’t be complete devoid of tangles, it’s a...