Monthly Archives: April 2009


The i-sopod Relaxation Tub Emulates Weightlessness


Don’t worry, the i-sopod had me scratching my head with intrigue as well.  In laymen terms it’s ‘spaceship meets bathtub’.  By adding a crap load of salt to water, the user floats inside providing a tranquil and relaxing experience that emulates the sensation of weightlessness.  The interior is lined with...


Lacie Data/Share Plug Recycles Old SD Cards


Lacie’s clearly caught on to the economic crisis the developed world is facing and a result they’ve once again graced us with an affordable, but some what gimmicky product.  The Data/Share turns any microSD or SD card into a flash drive.  Just insert the card into the corresponding plug (red...


LG 2009 Flat Screen TV Line Up Released


LG’s UK blog released a full run down of their 2009 flat screen TV lineup.  They’ve got a Freesat HD model (LF7700), which will only apply to those in Europe, but overall it should be a good indication of what is to come here in the US. Hit the ‘read’...


Gadget Rumor: Samsung Omnia Pro Smartphone


Before Monday officially rolls in I thought it only appropriate to further disseminate a Samsung rumor.  Supposedly called the Omnia Pro, the handset will build upon the already successful Omnia line up, but add a few features that will probably appeal to the conservative smartphone user.  So what should we...


Antares’ KPMP316 Sports MP3 Player Are Earbuds


Small, tiny and light weight are all necessary components for a successful MP3 player. Antares’ KPMP316 Sports MP3 player embodies all of these qualities and is available in 3 sizes (1GB, 2GB and 4GB) and two colors (blue or yellow). The right ear bud contains the player’s controls and a...


Vegas: An Ultra Cheap Touchscreen Phone


The UK ain’t no stranger to the credit crisis and nor is Orange, one of many cell phone carriers in the country island.  So much so in fact that they’re offering an ultra cheap touchscreen, pay as you go phone, the Vegas.  Available in bubblegum pink or black, the Vegas...

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