Monthly Archives: April 2009


Gadget Leak: Motorola A4500 Handset Rears Head At FCC


Motorola isn’t exactly knocking it out of the park, at least with this pictured handset that surfaced yesterday thanks to some unearthed FCC documents.  Called the A4500, the QWERTY packing handset includes a SIM slot for those traveling abroad and an embedded CDMA chipset for the Verizon Wireless network.  There...


Samsung Unveils SMX-C14 And SMX-C10 Camcorders


It wasn’t too long ago that the HMX-R10 HD camcorder busted on the scene and now Samsung is back with two standard definition versions in the same wonderfully small package.  At glance you’ll notice a hue of red, which is the same finish found on Samsung’s ToC (touch of color)...


Russian Roulette Bubble Gun


Fancy yourself a betting man but don’t have the balls to pull the trigger on a real gun?  The Russian Roulette 2 carefully holds an inflated balloon in its clutches. Pull the trigger and you’ve got a one in six chance that the trigger loaded pin will fire, resulting in...


iBuypower Unveils ‘LAN Warrior’ Portable Gaming Rig


iBuypower just introduced what they’re billing as a small form factor (i.e portable gaming rig) PC that can go head-to-head with the most powerful stand alone gaming systems. Although I don’t have the LAN Warriors weight and size, they’ve included a carrying bag which I guess attests to the rigs...


Digital Newspaper Vending Machine (video)


Scott Walker clearly has a penchant for mixing the old with the new, and what better way to exemplify this than with a modded newspaper vending machine.  He started by buying one of the coin operated machines off eBay for $100, spruced it up and then stuffed a 17-inch LCD...

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