Taking one look at the NetFlix Blog and it’s easy to tell how pissed people are about the recent announcement to upcharge the customers renting Blu ray movies.  In a time where every dollar counts, people are only seeing this as a greedy move by NetFlix.  While we know that NetFlix mass produces the normal DVD’s, I have yet to see a copied Blu Ray disc.  This probably means that NetFlix has thrown down a lot more money to buy “more of the more” expensive disc to meet the demands.  People may also not figure in all the endless movies they can watch via computer or Xbox and all the new sources that NetFlix is bringing the streaming option to.  That in addition to what I imagine to be extremely high server costs, NetFlix is still a great service.  Below are some good rants from the blog.

Anonymous said…
Show me the numbers. I said it once I’ll say it again. Show me how you loose money if you don’t charge more for Blu-Ray.

Will my extra money GUARANTEE that I wont wait days/weeks for a New Release blue-ray? (like I do now?)

You mention the 30% more for blue ray disks, that make up, what…..5% of your library? How about the 1.99 bin DVD’s in Netflix’s library?

Gary Jr. said…

It is quite ridiculous to increase blu ray access when there aren’t enough blu ray titles to rent out. Very disappointed to see such an increase so quickly. I’ve opted to remove my blu ray service and I’m pretty sure many others will as well.

Anonymous said…
I am a stalwart Netflix fan, but this feels distinctly like BAIT-AND-SWITCH.

I only watch DVDs through Netflix and I recently spent $200 on a Blu-Ray player. The reason I did so, is because I did the math and decided that the cost of the machine, plus the extra $12 per year, was worth it. Now, suddenly it’s an extra $48 per year!

I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that Netflix was blindsided by “rising costs.” This feels decidedly like Bait-and-Switch, Netflix. And after already spending my money on that Blu-Ray player, I just have to sit here and take it like the fool I am.

Guess it happens with every company, sooner of later. But I no longer trust Netlfix one iota.

hawkster27 said…
As a 10-year-long Netflix customer, this is the first major aggravation I have experienced from them. I was irked by the initial $1 blu-ray surcharge, but the new one is simply a bald profit grab. The math doesn’t support the “blu-ray is more expensive than DVD” argument. Netflix claims to have 60,000 titles available, but only 1,300 blu-rays. That represents only 2.2% of their inventory. However, under the new surcharge, I will be billed $5 on top of my $18 basic plan, or an increase of 28%, over ten times Netflix’s claimed increase in overhead. And, let’s face it, Neflix doesn’t buy these discs retail. They no doubt negotiate very attractive discounts with the studios. So it’s good bye to blu-ray on Netflix for me.

[Gadgetell via NetFlixBlog]

Jeff B