Now this has “Risky Business” written all over it.  Letting you use your keyboard, Jam Legend promises “more songs by more artists with more friends.”  The best thing about this program is the simple fact that it is free.  All of it.  Jam Legend is in Beta form right now, and is like a Guitar Hero/Rock Band type of music/guitar game mixed with a social networking site.  Awesome idea considering the unmatched popularity of these two things. Makes me think about that part in Family Guy where the two motorists crash into each other, the one with chocolate in his hand and the other with peanut butter. Using your keyboard as a fretboard, the pic shown here shows how simple this is.

A look at the site suggests total social networking with high scores, profiles, and even the chance for independent musicians to get their songs coded for the game.  I can see this catching on with people turning their old keyboards into axes of pure shred and posting videos of themselves going AWOL.  How many people have already been busted at work playing this?

[JamLegend via CoolestGadgets]

Jeff B