With nearly an infinite amount of earbuds to choose from, sorting through them all to find good ones can be an arduous task.  I am doing my best to review as many of them as possible to help you find the right ones.  Today I am going to talk about the JVC HA-FX300-T’s and the Radius Atomic Bass earbuds.

These two earbuds couldn’t be more different from each other.  While the Radius ones boast massive amounts of bass, the JVC’s don’t mention that they are consumed by treble.  So much treble in fact they are very shrill at times and become harsh at louder volume levels.

The JVC’s come with 3 sizes of rubberized inserts and one foam one.  While the foam inserts fit fine, they were the most treble stricken.  The rubberized inserts provided a smidge more bass response but not much.  My main complaint about the JVC’s, beyond their lack of sound quality is that they are very slippery to grasp or hold when they are in your ear.  They have this pointed shape that makes it difficult for your pointer finger and thumb to get a hold of to adjust or remove them.  Really annoying.  The cord feels nice and smooth and features a necklace lanyard piece so you can wear it around your neck.  The JVC’s also come with a small and compact eggshell container that holds the earbuds and all of the inserts.  The JVC HA-FX300-T’s are not horrible by any means, but their lack of dynamics and tinny overall feel make them less desirable, especially for the price ($67).

JVC HA FX300-T - Headphones2

On the other hand, the Radius Atomic Bass earbuds have a ton of bass, but not much else.  They end up being a bit muffled in texture and suffer from some periodic distortion from time to time.  They come with 3 rubberized inserts and stay in your ear very well and don’t require much adjusting.  Lightweight and small, the Radius Atomic Bass earbuds don’t need slack at all, and the cord falls gracefully downward.  Also to be noted is that these earbuds feature iPhone controls and a microphone.   They worked fine, but the double mono channel just sounded so so.

Radius Atomic Bass Earbuds

With today’s varying bit rates and the constant fluctuation in regards to MP3 quality, a lot of these judgment calls will depend on your source material.  I consider myself to have a good ear for tone and am very critical when it comes to earbuds, but this review was easy.

Between the two, the Radius Atomic Bass earbuds are the better choice. For one: they are cheaper; two: I would rather be drowning in bass than strangled by treble any day; and three: the Radius earbuds fit, wear, and feel better. Neither of these earbuds have stellar stereo reproduction but the Radius ones clearly stand out as the better pair. Also, as far as 3rd party iPhone earbuds go, I like the Radius ones better than the ZaggBuds.

Radius Atomic Bass iPhone Earbuds:


  • Bass explosive
  • Lightweight
  • Unobtrusive


  • Too bass heavy, not a well rounded sound
  • Distorted at times
  • That’s it!

JVC HA-FX300-T Earbuds:


  • Sleek, lightweight
  • Many inserts, and a nice carrying case
  • ……………….


  • All treble sound, very harsh
  • Slippery, hard to get out of your ears
  • Pricey

Buy the Radius Atomic Bass iPhone Earbuds for $39.95 here!

Buy the JVC HA-FX300-T Earbuds for $99 here!

Jeff B