By using using high res 3D, rear projected digital imagery and stereoscopic glasses, users of the EON Reality ICube are immersed in what appears to be a very engaging VR experience.  The company also claims that on screen objects can be manipulated through gesture enabled gloves with force feedback, while 3D sound can be synchronized with the imagery for an extraordinary experience. The system itself runs of a set of synchronized PCs running a on UNIX platform and electromagnetic 6DOF trackers are used to determine the user’s position and work in concert with the glasses to produce a true stereoscopic perspective.

Unfortunately, the video below doesn’t demonstrate the actual experience – you’d have to be there to do that – but if anything the gentleman’s reaction in the video is a solid testament to the ICube’s compellingness.  The version featured here is the 3-wall, but it can be configured in 4-wall and 6-wall versions with a price tag that runs deep into the 6 figures.

[via Core77]


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