April Fools: GTA Harbour City Leak!?

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3 Comments to April Fools: GTA Harbour City Leak!?

  1. Well Ray your actually wrong GTA ISN’T an American franchise seeing as how there was a GTA: London & the fact that Rockstar is infact a British company so…

  2. I really hope this is an April Fool’s day joke. C’mon, Australia in the 70’s? Who the f**k cares about that?? I think only Australians would be excited about it. But GTA is an American franchise. I like it because I am familiar with the different American cities and its cultures it tries to emulate. Frankly, I don’t give a s**t about Australia. Give me 1930’s Chicago… how about that?

  3. Black Man Rob

    GTA Harbour city, ngg!!! I’m hella Xited!!! Dawg, I can’t wait till it cums out!!! 8> o0

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