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HP LX195 Home Media Server Specs And Price Emerge


Well then, some more details about HP LX195 Home Media Server emerged today.  Earlier this month we got wind of the device, but we knew very little about it’s feature set.  Inside is a 1.6Ghz Intel Atom N230, making it the first Windows Home Server-based network device to include this...


Blaze Wireless QWERTY Messaging Keypad For PS3


As a cheaper alternative to the official Sony messaging attachment, the Blaze Wireless Controller Keypad for the PS3 will be available in the UK starting in May for $22.  That’s about half as much as the Sony model though the latter provides mouse mode (toggled wireless trackpad mode) in which...


Game Rumor: Mass Effect iPhone?

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While I was one of the only people who severely disliked Mass Effect for its texture load in problems, bland progress approach, crappy fighting, and totally boring planet exploration, I was mildly intrigued by the rumor of a prequel game coming to the iPhone. Don’t get me wrong, I want...


Darth Vader Alarm Clock: Sorry Fanboys, No GloryHole


Now that’s not to say modifications won’t be made.  This is that gift that fanboys will literally gush over.  Featuring an AM/FM radio, an Aux input for devices, and 3 different alarm noises, this will surely set your dreams off in a dark lord sort of way.  On sale now...


Gadget Leak: Motorola A4500 Handset Rears Head At FCC


Motorola isn’t exactly knocking it out of the park, at least with this pictured handset that surfaced yesterday thanks to some unearthed FCC documents.  Called the A4500, the QWERTY packing handset includes a SIM slot for those traveling abroad and an embedded CDMA chipset for the Verizon Wireless network.  There...


Samsung Unveils SMX-C14 And SMX-C10 Camcorders


It wasn’t too long ago that the HMX-R10 HD camcorder busted on the scene and now Samsung is back with two standard definition versions in the same wonderfully small package.  At glance you’ll notice a hue of red, which is the same finish found on Samsung’s ToC (touch of color)...