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Russian Roulette Bubble Gun


Fancy yourself a betting man but don’t have the balls to pull the trigger on a real gun?  The Russian Roulette 2 carefully holds an inflated balloon in its clutches. Pull the trigger and you’ve got a one in six chance that the trigger loaded pin will fire, resulting in...


iBuypower Unveils ‘LAN Warrior’ Portable Gaming Rig


iBuypower just introduced what they’re billing as a small form factor (i.e portable gaming rig) PC that can go head-to-head with the most powerful stand alone gaming systems. Although I don’t have the LAN Warriors weight and size, they’ve included a carrying bag which I guess attests to the rigs...


Digital Newspaper Vending Machine (video)


Scott Walker clearly has a penchant for mixing the old with the new, and what better way to exemplify this than with a modded newspaper vending machine.  He started by buying one of the coin operated machines off eBay for $100, spruced it up and then stuffed a 17-inch LCD...


Jive Pod Ain’t For No Turkey


The Jive Pod takes a little of the old (e.g Simon Says) and a little of the new (MP3 player) to create a fun and entertaining game for kids of all ages.  Just plug the Jive Pod into your MP3 player and watch it light up to the beat of...


100 Dollar Bill Wallet: Making Strippers Foam At The Crotch

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When suspension of disbelief permeates your finances, you just know that something is amiss.  While this wallet will definitely make you look pimpy buying tacos, it will also make you look pretty vulnerable using a late night ATM.  Either way, this is a timely product that if you are witty...


Humping Piggy Bank Is Offensive And Entertaining


If the product’s gimmick wasn’t offensive (or entertaining) enough, check out its sticker.  Why they chose pigs is pretty apparent, but two pink elephants? In case you haven’t figured out what it does, just stuff (zing) in some coinage and the animals start knocking boots. Yours for $30. Read...


Bionic Commando Multiplayer Demo Tomorrow Xbox 360 Only


Retro gaming enthusiasts have been clawing at their emotional bedposts ever since word of a current gen Bionic Commando game surfaced.  Officially confirmed not to appear as a demo on the PS3 or PC, the Xbox 360 only multiplayer demo will be available for Gold Members starting tomorrow.  The demo...


Dell Studio One 19 Now Available In The USA


Dell officially launched their Studio One 19 all-in-one computer in the US today.  If you recall we saw it appear in Japan last month, so an April launch is of no surprise.  You can grab one now starting at $699, but to get multitouch you’ll need to throw down an...