Daily Archives: April 24, 2009


Vegas: An Ultra Cheap Touchscreen Phone


The UK ain’t no stranger to the credit crisis and nor is Orange, one of many cell phone carriers in the country island.  So much so in fact that they’re offering an ultra cheap touchscreen, pay as you go phone, the Vegas.  Available in bubblegum pink or black, the Vegas...


3 Technologies To Keep The Somalian Pirates At Bay


The pirates of Somalia have become such a menace that owners of the threatened ships are seeking out military grade, nonlethal deterrents to wards off future attacks. The Force 80 Water Cannon is a giant super soker on a serious dose of steroids.  It can blast out 1,400 gallons a...


Nintendo DS Lite Cooking Bundle Is Tasty Looking


Geek out all you want, but that still means you gotta eat.  Everyones gotta eat, right?  Nintendo has a new DS bundle on the market that includes a fancy case, lime green DS and ‘Personal Trainer: Cooking’.  Yup, DS not DSi, so if you wanna get this bundle you’re gonna...