Daily Archives: April 20, 2009


Panasonic P2 HD Camera Shoots 3D Video On The Fly


Panasonic unveiled their 3D HD video camera at NAB today. the P2.  Using a twin lens, the camera captures 3D images on the fly and essentially removes the need to physically connect multiple 2D production devices together to form an equitable image.  Although its not entirely clear how the P2...


Mokai Jet Propelled Personal Water Craft


What do you get when you combine a Kayak with a 4 stroke Honda engine?  The Mokai, a jet propelled watercraft that offers over 8 hours of engine powered boating fun on just 3 gallons of gas.  They say it can be transported on top of a vehicle negating the...


Lacie Unveils 8TB-32TB 4big Quadra Bundle


Lacie announced an update to their massive storage array and a rambling of a press release that is so hard to decipher I’m not even going to bother.  Short story is: you need a crap load of storage and RAID protection then Lacie has your covered with their 4big Quadra...


Be Your Neighborhood LockSmith With This LockPick Gun


Now this seems like a practical gadget.  To be used for either good or evil this cheap ($53) LockPick gun opens most pin tumble locks, dimple locks, cross locks, 2-side and 4-side auto locks.  Using 6V rechargable batteries and a LED light for night use, this could be a very...


Portable Lie Detector


The Portable Lie Detector has ‘suspicious spouse’ written all over it.  The handheld device apparently can detect when an individual is lying by utilizing voice tension technology that measures vibration in the voice.  In other words, when someone is calm their voice is smooth and free of ‘vibration’.  In order...


Those Who Are Drunk FratBoys Shouldn’t Play Glass Foosball


While this glass foosball table looks absolutely stunning, the practical implications are questionable at best.  Made with green, white, and transparent glass, this foosball table by Teckell will be of best use by the responsible player and would look very out of place in a frat house.  No word on...


IceBlok Glass Dams Keep Your Bev Flowing Freely


Nope, the friendly neighborhood web slinger didn’t swing by and muck up this cold and frosty beverage.  The IceBlok is an ingenious device that lets you freely sip your drink without the ice scorching your lips in the hot summer sun.  They come in a set of 4 and are...