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Man Bag: Tactical Bail Out Gear Bag


Bag lust is hardly a manly expression, but the Tactical Bail Out Gear Bag elicits just that.  Available for a mere $20, this bag can hold an endless array of accessories, which includes a gun, flashlight, two pens, passports and a Polyester lining to insure that your products remain scratch...


PogoPlug iPhone App Goes Live

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We got word of this last night, but due to an ’embargo’ request I couldn’t release. PogoPlug, the device that turns any USB drive into a NAS, has released their iPhone app enabling users to access their movies and music any where they’ve got an Internet connection. It’s available right...


iPhone 3.0 Software (Beta 3) New Functions Found

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Macrumors has compiled a list of new functions found in the latest iPhone 3.0 build, Beta 3.0.  Here’s their list verbatim, but I’m gonna warn you: it’s not exciting. Ability to close all open Safari windows. Previously there was no ability to close the last remaining Safari window, but a...


ChocoShuffle Case Is Sweet Serenity For 3rd Gen Shuffle


It’s pretty obvious that Apple’s latest Shuffle isn’t full of flavor and flare.  So, sweeten it up a bit with SwitchEasy’s ChocoShuffle case.  It reminds me of the fridge magnets from my childhood that I always wanted to pop in my mouth.  They’re available in Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and...


EON’s ICube Is The Apple Of Virtual Reality (video)

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By using using high res 3D, rear projected digital imagery and stereoscopic glasses, users of the EON Reality ICube are immersed in what appears to be a very engaging VR experience.  The company also claims that on screen objects can be manipulated through gesture enabled gloves with force feedback, while...


Sidekick 2009 LX Officially Unveiled


We’ve known for some time that the Sidekick 2009 LX was on its way and today T-Mobile finally unveiled it.  Upgrades to the device include a high res 854×480 screen, 3.2 megapixel camera, 3G connectivity, new UI with device wide search (in your face iPhone), Exchange support and GPS.  Available...