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PediSedate Nitrous GameBoy Contraption Can’t Be Real


I really have a hard time believing this thing got greenlit in some meeting room.  Obviously the room was flooded with N2O for an idea like this to even take shape.  We’ve all seen that “kind of funny the first time” David video on YouTube where he’s all tripped out...


Spacepilot 3D Pro Mouse Isn’t For The Light Handed

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That’s not a mouse, this is mouse!  Think Crocodile Dundee for a sec, and you’ll know what I’m getting at.  The 3D Connexion (owned by Logitech) SpacePilot Pro is, as the company calls it, the ultimate professional 3D mouse.  At $499 it’s cost prohibitive for most people, which is a...


Garmin nuvi 1490T Unveiled, 25% Thinner And Less Filling


Garmin announced their 1490T today, a GPS unit that they claim is 25% thinner than ‘most’ nuvi models.  It sports a 5-inch touchscreen, lane assist, Bluetooth for handsfree calls and free lifetime traffic updates, something we’ve seen in Navigon’s line of GPS units.  They’ve also tossed in lane assist with...


Ion Audio LP 2 CD

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Last week or so I posted on the Denon DP-200USB, the LP 2 CD recorder seems a better fit for its target generation.  At $150 more than the Denon, the Ion Audio LP 2 CD lets your burn your records straight to CD so you don’t have to futz with...


TailGater iPod & Instrument Combo Speaker


As a “musician” the very first thing I questioned about the TailGater is whether or not it will sound good.  Guitar amps are generally tailored for certain specific frequencies indicative of a guitar, bass, etc.  They also are generally mono.  So combining an instrument amplifier with an iPod speaker dock...


Hidded LED Watch


The LA hipsters will be all over this watch like rye on wheat.  Hidden beneath the LED Watch’s shiny facade are embedded LEDs that only appear when the time button is pushed.  No word on price or release date, but it will be available in Black, Silver and Ultara Marine....


GoCycle: An Electrically Powered Fold Up Bicycle


Although I still don’t agree with electrically powered bicycles – it removes the point of biking – the GoCycle is a far better compromise than that of a Scooter or Motorbike, which depend purely on fossil fuel to run.  Developed by Richard Thorpe, a race car designer for McClaren, the...


Assassin’s Creed 2 Slated For Holiday 09 Release


I was just looking at the release schedule for this upcoming holiday season and didn’t see a whole lot besides Modern Warfare 2.  Last years was so chalk full of blockbusters that it would be hard to duplicate this coming season.  Just today UbiSoft Montreal announced that Assassin’s Creed 2...