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HTC Snap FCC Filing Appears, Should Hit T-Mobile

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Looks like HTC’s Snap, which was just announced, will be coming to T-Mobile according to some recently discovered FCC docs.  Although the Snap isn’t specifically listed, you can see the product name MAPL100, which is long for ‘Maple’, the Snaps alternate/working name.  And how do we know it is coming...


Prototype iRobot Climbs Stairs (video)


iRobot is hard at work to develop a robot that can walk up and down stairs.  Although I don’t know if this technology will be applied to their vacuums it surely would be a smart move given that’s something their current line of Roombas can’t do.  Hit the video below...


Activision Sued Over DJ Hero

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Haha!  In a world of dirtbags, backstabbers and cutthroats, this recent legal dispute between Activision and Genius products and Numark only seems fitting.  Claiming “Game Espionage”, Numark and Genius cite Activision for attempting to sabotage their game “Scratch: Ultimate DJ” through shady acquisition tactics.  Allegedly, Activison tried to buy Scratch...


Assassin’s Creed Game For The iPhone Out Next Week


While we all knew Assassin’s Creed for the consoles looked stellar, the lack of depth kept it from being a quality title.  To be released next week for the iPhone/Touch, I think that the reviews won’t be as critical this time around given the lack of hype.  Looking very streamlined,...


Top Shelf Ironman Toy Might Be Flying Our Way


What you’re looking at is a teaser pic of an upcoming Ironman toy from ThinkSilly – I think it’s a toy/figurine.  Called the TK (Tony Stark) Edition Ironman, it looks like the chest plate that powers the suit actually glows. Of course this could be just a one off, but...


HTC Touch Diamond 2 Goes On Sale


It wasn’t too long ago we heard about the next iteration of the HTC Touch Diamond, the Touch Diamond 2, and now it’s already making its way to retail stores, albeit in the UK.  Expansys UK has the phone for free if you sign up for a T-Mobile contract, otherwise...