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Mr. Bump Alarm Clock: Cocaine Not Inlcuded


It seems like just about every company wants to make a crazy clock these days.  This one follows the theme of being mad at having to wake up and deactivates by being thrown against a wall.  Embracing the children’s book Mr. Men by  Roger Hargreaves, Mr. Bump will likely have...


Apple Releases iPhone 3.0 Beta 3 For Developers


As we draw closer to June, the rumored month for the 4th gen iPhone launch, yet another iteration of the iPhone 3.o software for developers has been issued, beta 3.  Hang tight as I’m sure the blogosphere will explode with news about what has been added or removed since the...


POWERleap Charging The World One Footstep At A Time

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We’ve seen piezoelectric flooring before, but now POWERleap hopes to bring the product to commercial availability.  In case you forgot, the concept is simple: when a person walks on the pad the energy from their foot step is captured, stored and ultimately recycled for later use.  In reality, massive foot...


Telecast M66: A High Def 5-inch PMP


I don’t know much about Telecast, but the company looks like they’re set to introduce the M66, a 5-inch screened PMP with a 720p output.  The UI forgoes any touchscreen wizardy and instead opts for a 7 dedicated hard keys that could either simplify or convolute its usability.  Currently, the...


ThreeStyle: 3 Doors In 1


Providing a sense of self is always important in a child’s development .  There to take that principal to new heights, or perhaps lows, is the ThreeStyle, a door with, well, 2 doors built into it. Read...


ChinaVision BreakDancing RC Car (video)


Chinavision really has no shortage of wacky products and this BreakDancing Remote Controlled Stunt Car is a shroomers best friend.  The best way to describe this car is to tell you to watch the attached video.  It is so flexible and tripped out that I am drooling just to drive...


Microsoft SideWinder X3 Mouse In May


Available now for pre order on Amazon, the Microsoft SideWinder X3 gaming mouse will ship sometime in may. Gauging specs between gaming mice seems a bit tedious but for extreme PC gamers they must be essential. Features include [...]...


Plush Steve Jobs Fills The Void


Do you miss Steve?  To help fill the massive void created when the CEO left Apple to ‘get better’, you can pick up a stuffed version of him aptly named ‘Plush Jobs’.  He’s $28. Odd but fitting how the product pics feature him bed ridden. [via ShinyShiny] Read...