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Gadget Leak: HP LX195 Media Server

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Details are foggy at best, but HP is planning to launch a budget version of their MediaSmart server, at least according to this leaked pic. And based on looks alone, the HP LX195 appears to have a fixed storage capacity via a single drive, 4 USB ports, Ethernet and a...


Dinosaur Man Slave Costume: Analogies After The Leap


I would wear this all the time. 80's night, job interviews, family and high school reunions, this costume is just too sweet to only wear on Halloween. Looking like going to the bathroom might require a catheter, this costume might not be comfortable after hours of use but...


Fold Up Credit Card Cutlery


It’s a bit of a reach to suggest that I’d need cutlery (yes, the stuff you eat with) at any given time, but that’s exactly what the Credit Card Cutlery insinuates.  Actually, they’re pitching the fold up tools as a deterrent to buying junk food.  You know, because we all...


USB Insect Fans

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Hmmm...let's see. Crap weather, no bugs. Nice Weather, bugs. While my dog is great at insect removal, these cute USB powered bug fans have spring and Mother's Day gift written all over them. At under $10, I doubt these little guys do much in regards to...


Kinetically Powered Rocking Chair


Sure, pedaling would generate far more power, but this kinetically powered rocking chair is so much more cooler and nonchalant.  Built into the base is a generator that captures the chair’s energy and converts it to power a small LED reading light.  Toss it on your deck, attach a windmill...


Gadget Leak: Lime Colored PSP

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Tasty!  The Lime colored PSP, which may or may not make it to market, was captured at a Sony factory in China.  Is it me or is Sony trying to ride the ‘rainbow’? [via TechTicker] Read...


Resident Evil 5 USB Chainsaw Flash Drive


I guess it wasn’t good enough for Resident Evil 5 to have their own limited edition Xbox 360, they’ve now gone and launched a foreign bundle that includes a mini USB chainsaw flash drive that can store up to 2GB of bloody carnage…or your home work, which ever you prefer....


Black Mintpad With DMB Appears In Korea


We only recently got word that the Mintpad might possibly be making its way to US shores.  Now the device has been spotted in an all black finish with DMB, a feature that enables the device to receive radio and TV in foreign locals, such as Korea.  Unfortunately, there is...