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DXG-125V: A $100 HD Waterproof Camcorder


Shock, disbelief and jaw drop.  These are all things that describe my reaction to the DXG-125V (pictured above), a tiny waterproof camcorder that can record 720p video (h.264 encoding) and costs just $100!  It will hit this July and come in red, military olive and winter camouflage.  As for storage...

Booq BOA 3L Bag - 01

Gadget Review: Booq BOA 3L Laptop Backpack


Finding a quality back pack that is laptop friendly is liking searching for a needle in a haystack. It’s not that the bags don’t exist, it’s just that 90% of them are crap, which is very much analogous to my hunt for a quality sleeve for my Macbook Pro. So...


Denon Record Player MP3 Encoder


Doesn’t it seem like this product should have arrived a long time ago?  While people swear by the fidelity of vinyl , they can’t deny the portability of MP3.  The Denon DP-200USB Record Player MP3 Encoder has a handy USB input on the front of the player for easy jamming...


Samsung SGH-A657 Rugged Phone Specs


Not that I’m head over heals about Samsung’s SGH-A657 candy bar phone, but for those who jump from planes or climb walls made of rock they’ll surely enjoy its military rated specs.  In other words this handset can be dropped, blasted with water and rolled in the sand and it...


Gadget Leak: Crunchpad 12-inch Tablet Pictures

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We first heard about the Crunchpad January 2009.  Now, and ironically, the company that is known for getting the scoop has been scooped.  Last night a handful of pictures detailing the latest iteration of the Crunchpad were leaked to the blogosphere.  Soon after Crunchgear, the gadget arm of Techcrunch conceded...


iPod Powered By A Steam Engine (video)


Using some lego parts, a female USB connection and a preexisting mini steam engine, some dude with too much time on his hands hacked together the parts to build an archaic iPod charger.  Unfortunately, there are no details on where the heat source is derived from to produce the steam,...


DiamondNite Diamond Moissanite Tester Takes The Guessing Out


Getting hitched this Spring or Summer?  Then you might wanna consider investing in the DiamondNite Diamond Moissanite Tester.  It can’t distinguish between machine made and the Earth’s diamonds, but it can tell you if it’s not a diamond at all.  Course, a little training and a magnifying glass can accomplish...