Daily Archives: April 9, 2009


Chariot Wearable Device Turns Any Human Into A Modern Day Centaur


Ingenuity and creativity is usually something that garners applaud and admiration.  The opposite though will result in mockery and tom foolery.  Unfortunately, the Chariot wearable transportation device is the latter of the two.  Designed specifically for amputees, the two wheeled device can travel up to 12 miles per hour and...


Bluetooth 3.0 Announcement Coming April 21st


Come April 21st, the same date of T-Mobile’s ‘big event’ in NYC, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group will announce an update to the long antiquated Bluetooth spectrum.  So what should we expect from Bluetooth 3.0?  Faster speeds, that ability to handle larger files (think multimedia) and a more solid connection...


Solar Powered Insect Removal


Bringing the magnifying glass bug execution method into the green age, this solar powered bug zapper might be of some moral conflict to those who cherish conservation as well as all of nature's creatures. Hippies are [...]...


Top Shelf Joker Figurine


For those of you out there that collect figurines or “action figures”,  this Heath Ledger replica should definitely stroke your interest.  The foot tall Joker from “The Dark Knight” is mouth splittingly realistic looking, has two heads and a myriad of changeable accessories and outfits.  It also has what is...


Verizon HTC Touch Diamond Release Date Announced


Verizon will begin to sell the HTC Touch Diamond tomorrow for the price of $300 after a $70 mail-in-rebate and 2-year contract signing.  In case you forgot – you know, because the HTC Touch Diamond has been out for like forever – it includes a 2.76-inch touchcsreen, Opera browser, 3.2MP...


Jet Pack Arm Chair…Need I Say More?


Some days I just wanna fly away on a jet plane, or how ever the song goes.  Now my fantasy, well, ah, can be a more vivid fantasy.  From design Gianni Pedone comes the Orfojet armchair.  Unfortunately, its bark is bigger than its bite, as the jet engine design appears...


LG GD900 Specs And Official Demo Video (video)


Remember the LG GD900 that we saw at MWC 2009?  Well, an official demo video has been launched and we now know complete specs.  Packed inside the first cell phone to sport a transparent keypad is GSM/HSDPA connectivity, an 8MP camera with video capabilities, Bluetooth with A2DP and a 3-inch...

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