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Peapod: A $12k All Electric Car From Chrysler

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Peapod Mobility, which is a spin off Chrysler, is set to launch an eco friendly vehicle this Earth Day called the Peapod.  In fact, I was leaving my apartment last week and saw 5 of these Smartcar like cars driving down the street with an 800 number plastered on its...


Wireless Vibrating Alarm Clock


We’ve all got different sleeping habits and if my girlfriend isn’t the most aware of mine than I don’t know who is.  With that said, I don’t wanna be woken up at 8am when she arises for work, but yes, I inevitably do thanks to her ear blistering cell phone...


Gadget Leak: Archos 2 Shows Up On Amazon


Funny, because as soon as you remove a page from your website after a rumor is associated with it, it only does one thing: verify the rumor.  And that’s exactly what Amazon has done with the Archos 2, a budget centric MP3 player that is neither a beauty or a...


Gadget Rumor: iPhone To Receive FM Transmitter


According to a bootscript found in the iPhone 3.0 software update, the next iteration of the iPhone, and even perhaps the 3G iPhone, will include an FM transmitter for wirelessly sending music to your car’s radio.  The added functionality also hints at the possibility of FM traffic updates and possibly...


Riff Rocker Is Pocket Sized Guitar Hero


Feeding an addiction is usually a no-no, but perhaps exceptions should be made for the die hard fans of Guitar Hero.  The Riff Rocker is a portable – like pocket sized – Guitar Hero like devices that can travel with you any where you go.  To get in some axe...


PogoPlug NAS Adapter Now Shipping


Cloud Engine is now officially shipping their Pogo Plug, a USB adapter that turns any external hard drive or flash memory stick into a NAS storage device. As previously mentioned, this is the only device on the market (that I’m aware of) of its type that works with USB hubs,...