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Inchworm: A Size Adjustable Sneaker


Raising a child can be an expensive proposition, especially in these tough economic times.  Buy them a pair of sneakers and the next day they’ve out grown them.  Not so says one inventor.  The INCHworm sneakers are perhaps the world’s first size adjustable sneakers.  With the push of a button...

Griffin PowerDock 4 1

Gadget Review: Griffin Power Dock 4 For iPhone/iPod


It's often more than likely that American families and households have more that one Apple product. I myself have an iPhone and an iPod Classic. The Griffin PowerDock 4 for iPhones & iPods is an awesome choice for any family or bunch of roommates that wants to have...


BlueAnt Officially Announces Q1 Bluetooth Headset

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BlueAnt rolled out a new Bluetooth headset today, the Q1 (it was initially announced at CES).  For the most part it’s your garden variety headset with the exception of complete voice control.  Simply stating ‘redial’, ‘answer’ or ‘check battery’ and a variety of other commands will set the Q1 into...


Bless AutoMatica RC Car Pimped Out W/ iPod Speakers

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My buddy has three Apple AirPort Express's so he can have music in multiple rooms. There are also plenty of other options when it comes to sourcing music into several rooms. Here's one that will at least have you telling somebody about it. The Bless AutoMatica Remote...


Asus F50SV-X1 LapTop Sometime In April 2009


The Asus F50SV-X1 multimedia laptop is scheduled for a US release date of April 2009 and packs some decent specs for $799. Featuring a 16-inch 1366 x 768 resolution screen and a NVIDIA GeForce GT 120M graphics card you can use the superdrive to record and view DVD's. ...