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Gadget Review: Addonics NAS Adapter


Click…click…click…yep, you’ve heard it before, the sound of a dead USB hard drive crashing its depressed head into the platter. And who can blame it after a monotonous life writing data back and forth, back and forth, back…and…forth, 24/7, catering to your every whim and desire. Well, enter the Addonics...


HTC Releases The Snap, To Be Called The S522 In The US

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HTC announced the ‘Snap’ today, a full QWERTY keyboard phone running the Windows Mobile 6.1 OS.  When it arrives State side this quarter it will be called the S522 but its feature set should largely remain the same.  Taking some of its form factor from the HTC Dash (built for...


Niveus ZONE Player Is Simple, Fresh But A Tad Expensive


The Niveus ZONE Media Player isn’t exactly a ground breaking media center, but its core offering and community supported software should prove to be well suited for today’s growing open source mentality.  Front and center is a slot loading DVD/Blu-ray player with upscaling technology and just below are two USB...


NetFlix Blu Ray UpCharge: People Are Pissed


Taking one look at the NetFlix Blog and it's easy to tell how pissed people are about the recent announcement to upcharge the customers renting Blu ray movies. In a time where every dollar counts, people are only seeing this as a greedy move by NetFlix. While we...

multiplatform_game handheld

Multi Platform Portable Gaming HandHeld Looks Cheap And Cool


While looking positively Nintendo retro, this cheap handheld ($86) should fulfill all your classic gaming needs. Capable of ROM emulating NES, SNES, GBA, Neo-Geo, Sega Genesis, Capcom, as well as running WMVs, AVIs, MPEGs and MP3's. Made by the all encompassing lead free Chinavison, this gaming device sports...


Samsung Beat DJ Phone Walk Through (video)


You might have forgotten about the Samsung Beat DJ phone, but fear not, because the fine folks at PhoneArena did a video walk through.  I’d say at best the phone looks halfway finished.  The UI is really jumpy and far from smooth.  The DJ features, although cool are pretty damn...


April Fools: GTA Harbour City Leak!?


Probably one of the best April Fools jokes that could be had on news hungry gamers would be to tell them that there is going to be a new GTA in 2010. Grand Theft Auto Harbour City is set in Australia during the seventies and the pic shown here...