This type of product only makes sense.  With hours on end being shamelessly devoted to gaming, it’s only going to take its toll on your non field sowing hands.  In addition, expressing a video game injury is that last thing you’d ever want to divulge so you’ll want to clear one up as soon as possible.  With the help of the Xtensor Game Hand Exerciser you can craft you hands into the dominating beasts of fury that rule the virtual game land.  Will it help train you for other urethra winking things?  I still want to know if anyone ever played themselves in a fighting game using a power glove on each hand.  This geek behind the geek creaming himself accessory is available for $40 from ThinkGeek.  Here’s a bit from the company:

The Xtensor is the only product on the market to perform with true biomechanical correctness, able to stimulate muscles and tendons in the hands, wrists and elbows that have been virtually off limits to all other devices. Repetitive gripping and squeezing of your game-controller or mouse forces extended isometric contractions of the flexor muscles of the hands and fingers producing an unnatural imbalance over time as the hands operate in a mostly closed position. For this reason, patients with hand, wrist and elbow disorders experience unnecessarily long healing times and high reoccurrence rates.

[ThinkGeek via OhGizmo!]

Jeff B