Talk about cold stone creamery of the pants!  Distinguished whiskey and scotch drinkers rejoice (not me, Evan Williams what!!) as now they can chill their distinct beverages undiluted by means of these ancient Nordic rocks. Why is there clear liquid in this pic?!  Reusable pollution free base rock was harvested along side a stream of Swedish Fish for this totally unique gift idea.  Looking a lot like the porous rock pumice, these agents of chill do not want to meet your teeth whatsoever.  Put them in the freezer for one hour and your are ready to get your debonair on.  Only $23 American for a sack of 10 rocks.  Here be the details:

  • Made from pollution “free base” rock, I added the quotations
  • Eco-friendly
  • Reusable
  • Set of 10 rocks
  • Comes complete with real leather storage pouch!  Ooooh!
  • Dimensions: L 22mm W 22mm H 22mm
  • [UberReview via Mocha]

    Jeff B