In the past year, Twitter’s user base has had an unprecedented leap from 475,000 users to over 7 million! Those are some crazy figures which makes the 1,374 percent increase sound even crazier.  According to the blogs blurbs of the day, all these new Twitter heads are really clogging up the birdhouse and producing more “Fail Whale” sightings.  The “OG” Twitterers think all the new users are a drain on the system and are trite and exploitive by nature, and they are making the “coolness’ of Twitter less exclusive.  Far weirder has been the recent development of this “Fail Whale” subculture that has been gaining steam in the recent weeks.  People are becoming obsessed with the logo, (see above tattoo) and embracing the symbol of failure through parties and specialty cocktails.  What I don’t understand is that I Tweet most everyday and have never seen this fabled whale?


Jeff B