Sanyo SPC-2700: A Poor Man’s Blackberry

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Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."

16 Comments to Sanyo SPC-2700: A Poor Man’s Blackberry

  1. im wating for this phone to come in. just ordered it. it sounds like a great pohone and i cant wait. i have read a lot of good comments about this phone. the large screen, bright screen, and gps, with internet is just what i need.

  2. This phone is quite nice. The screen is bright and the images are sharp. You can also download J2ME programs into it like an mp3 player, navigation, and text/pdf files to view. You can also print you pictures right off the phone using bluetooth.

  3. this aint no poor mans black berry this phone works so good and i have it in pickk its the bomb and im not poor and i got this so shut up godd!!!

  4. i have this fone theres nothing wrong wit it except i cant listen to music on here or watch vids..but it has everything else that a blackberry gat

  5. It is not that me i have it..especially if you get it trough sprint!!Dam sprint is crappy!!! Its bluetooh doesnt work, it does not support text messages with ringtones attached, and ulimited text plan sucks!! wont let you recieve most pic messages unless you add internet to your plan, although you have unlimited pic messaging!!..seriously i dont recomend this phone you might be very dissapointed!!!

  6. im getting this phone i am so happy my birthday is soon so i quess this is my gift idk???????
    is there any bad things about this phone plz let me know?
    thanks :)

  7. hey, i am going to be getting this phone soon :D:D:D:D i love annoying ringers MWAHAHAHA any way hope itl be a good phone :)

  8. Great phone. Browser is good. NAV works great. Can not find USB driver to try and copy my own ringers to it. Still searching…

    • Hey Russ, if you find this, will you let me know? Windows Vista can’t find it – thinking of asking my engineer friend to have a look too. If I come up with anything, I’ll fill you in.

  9. I have this phone and love it – though it’s so new that I doesn’t know it exists and the ringers that come with it are a little grating.

  10. DonDinka

    Lol, poor man’s Blackberry… well, I’m a 20-year old girl and I can’t wait for the phone to come out! I think I’ll really like it!

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