Put Your Box In A Box: Microsoft No Longer Provides Xbox 360 Return Packaging

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9 Comments to Put Your Box In A Box: Microsoft No Longer Provides Xbox 360 Return Packaging

  1. i am also sending my xbox 360 becaseu the tray automatically closes after like 2 seconds so i have to open it twice to put a new dvd or game in there

    will they fix it? its still under standard warranty

    i dont think you have to worry about sending in the wrong box as long as you know that you wont get the box back

    its normally kept so you can return it to a store but if your dealing with microsoft instead of returning it in person for a new one chances are that you dont need the box

  2. I’m about to send my Xbox in, and the only box I have is my original packaging for the Xbox 360.. is it such a bad thing if I send the Xbox in that? I know I won’t get it back, but I don’t think I need the box… Someone reply please.

  3. Hey, I requested a box, however, it has been 5 Business days (a week) and it still has yet to arrive on my doorstep. What gives?

  4. I called in to request a repair order. I told them that I didnt have a printer so, she said that one would be mailed out to me. That was on the 18th…. Its the 23rd and my 360 is still sitting in that box on the shelf. What the hell?!! How long does it take for the label to get here?

  5. my shipping label wont display. when I click “print shipping label”, I get the instructions on it but at the bottom where it says “fold here” is blank. I’ve tired several times and nothing and they are closed right now.

  6. SelkiesXIII

    Hey man. I just applied to have my RROD’ed 360 repaired, and I was able to request a shipping box. You just have to change the option in the drop down menu. However, they have made the default “Print Shipping Label” which requires you to print the label and find a shipping box on your own. A friend/co-worker said it was about a two week turnaround on his as well, and he asked for a shipping box.

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