Everyone’s always harping on the PSP for being so lame.  I love my PSP.  Sure there’s not a s**t ton of games out right now but the franchised games like Syphon Filter, Silent Hill, GTA, and MGS are just an example of the quality that can be the PSP.   In recent news, SCEA has announced that they will be bringing over as many PS1 games as possible to add to PSN.  Japan already has a massive collection of PS1 games available on its PSN.  Also Sony is in talks with publishers in regards to getting classic non PS1 games on PSN, like old genesis games and such.  Whenever we hear more about this fabled PSP 4000, we will hear more about the lack of UMD and the transition to download only content which I think is a great idea.  Keeping the price down on games will be a key factor though because as of now I could go on amazon or ebay and buy the PSP Genesis collection for $20 and that has three sonic games on it not to mention a bunch others.  How about some Resident Evil for PSP?


Jeff B