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PAMSH PS-700 Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset


Is it me, or are bone conduction headphones more gimmick than anything else?  I mean really, have you ever used a pair of headphones inserted half way in to your ear?  The ambient outside noise, which these clearly don’t block, is so damn distracting it’s in ear or over ear...


Apple Biometric Security Patent Hints At DNA Sequencing


A newly released patent from Apple shows that the computer maker cum media giant is considering biometric security for its next generation of iPhones and laptops.  It’s not exactly ground breaking news as other computer and cell phone manufactures have already implemented such security for some time now, but since...


Pizza Vending Machine To Make Mama Celeste Moan Abbodanza


This thing is huge! Are there little Keebler Mario's in there making pizza pies? Claudio Torghele is the inventor of this marvelous machine called "Let's Pizza" and has plans to spread this giant machine all over Europe and the United States. Right now this pictured one is...


Gadget Leak: Samsung SWD-M100 Mondi WiMax MID

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Wooops.  Samsung slipped up today and showed off what is probably the first Wimax dedicated MID, the SWD-M100 Mondi.  Resembling the Nokia N810, the Mondi appears to have both a touchscreen and slide out keyboard – that should satisfy both ends of the spectrum – and a front facing camera...