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Echostar T2200S Is The First SlingBox Loaded DVR Box For Cable

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Echostar unveiled their latest box with built-in SlingBox and DVR functionality yesterday, the T2200S.  Unlike previous Echostar boxes, though, this one will work with cable (Echostar owns Dish Network) and includes a DOCSIS cable modem, a 1TB hard drive and dual-tuners.  So, for those that invest in this mighty DVR,...


Sony Announces Playstation 2, Not 3, Price Cut

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Remember that rumored PS3 price cut from yesterday?  Well, it’s partially true.  But it doesn’t apply to the PS3.  Nope, instead you’ll now be able to buy the antiquated PS2 for $99, which is a $30 drop from the previous price.  Does anyone really care?  Perhaps Sony smells ‘opportunity’ in...


Nokia E71X Price Revealed


noka-e71x-11 Looks like I missed one crucial detail yesterday regarding the Nokia E71x: its price. After a 2-year contract and $50 mail-in-rebate the handset will be $99.99. A pretty reasonable price for a relatively robust cell [...]...


DirecTV Releases iPhone App, Browse & Record Programs


DirecTV released an iPhone app today that allows its subscribers to control their DVR box any where there is an Internet connection. DirecTV subscribers can search for programs up to 14 days in advance of airing, schedule one episode or a series to record, browse by channel, date or...