A new lithium battery technology breakthrough could potentially lead to batteries charging in as little as ten seconds. This astonishing technology would be nothing less than revolutionary, allowing a multitude of new applications and greatly changing how we do things.

Gone would be the days of running out of cell phone power. Gone would be the days of the gasoline automobile, replaced by an almost unlimited range of an electric vehicle.  And countless other limitations placed on battery powered technology? all *poof*.

Too good to be true? Possibly, due to the limitations of our electric grid. These batteries, as you would imagine, slurp up a horrendous amount of power. In 10 seconds, a 1Wh cell phone battery would draw in 360W of power while an electric vehicle battery would pull in 180 freakin’ kW in 5 minutes! If a few thousand of these charged at the same time…hello national blackout day.