Tired of working at the cheese sandwich factory?  Have a great idea for an App but aren’t smart enough to learn the development code?  I sure am!  Newly emerged on the web is iphoneappquotes.com.  Here you can pitch your app ideas and get up to three free quotes from developers on how much it will cost to make your app.  If you are like me however, and have more ideas than cash, it would be cooler if it was done the Zazzle way where you give them the idea, they make the app and you get a portion of the sales.  I do have a solid idea for an app so I’ll give these dudes a holler and repost on what I hear back.

**Update**  So it’s been about 48 hours since I pitched my idea and I have not heard back from this site.  Granted I had to use the “contact us” method because the normal submit process was not working.  Total scam?  Anybody else care to share their experience?

[Gizmodo via iPhoneAppQuotes]

Jeff B