iPhone App Developers For Hire? (update)

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5 Comments to iPhone App Developers For Hire? (update)

  1. Jay Withers

    Saw this post last week while doing some Googl’ing for iphone developers. I did submit my info on iPhone App Quotes. I also got a phone call the next day, like the site says. I didnt pitch my idea though because I wanted to get an NDA in place. However, the guy that I spoke with from the site didnt seem to care much about my idea, but he did send my quote to 3 developers which did contact me. So, I give it a thumbs up. Will keep you posted on the quotes I get back!

  2. FYI.. I used this site. Its the real deal, I had 3 developers contact me within a few days. I am currently in development with one of them. The owner of the company was very helpful and informative as well. Def check the site out if you are looking for an iPhone developer.

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