Dead App

I went to high school in the mid 90′s.  There is one memory that has forever changed me and I will never forget it.  One day all of my friends traded in their Slayer and Metallica CD’s for Phish and Grateful Dead CD’s.  From that day they all morphed into patchouli bleeding hippies.  Soon after I became infatuated with hippie watching and always imagined a hippie riot in which the police used giant combs to take down hippies with fat dreads.  I just said hippies three times in one sentence!  Thankfully I wasn’t standing in front of a mirror.  I appreciate some of the musicianship of hippie jam bands but have stuck to metal myself.  The day Jerry died a girl I knew ran into the post office and begged them to put the flag at half mast.  Clear the shrooms stuck in your teeth, pull the acid from your open wounds, part your hands, and walk through the mists of weed smoke.  Fade to now.

Just released is the Grateful Dead PhotoMosaic App for the iPhone/Touch.  Featuring a giant photographic mosiac of Jerry Garcia, you can zoom in and check out 450 pictures of The Dead in their heyday.  Famed rock photographer Jay Blakesberg took all the pictures and digital media company Mosaic Legends created the app.  As you delve into the mosaic, a varied amount of information is given about each pic such as: event, date, venue, commentary, audience intoxication levels (no, not really), etc.  With an internet connection you can write and view comments on the pictures community style.  Jerry wouldn’t have it any other way.  For Dead fans this app is complete and utter homage.  For $5.99 it’s less than a tab of acid so excuse me while I tie up my dreadlock tourniquet.

Up next: Phish photomosaic app with a giant photo of Trey crying.  Hippies you know what I’m talking about.


Jeff B