Screw that.  GDC 09′ has squirted out some speculations that the new Xbox iteration will go the way of the PS3 in its conquest for total living room domination.  Less gaming, more movies, music, and TV, etc.  Please don’t!  You’d think Microsoft would not take any hints from the last place PS3.  Also with the unbridled success of the 360, consumers will be scared that Microsoft will abandon the 360 like it did with the original Xbox.  If Sony did anything right with the PS3 launch, it was the fact that they didn’t ditch out on the PS2.  With today’s price drop to $99, it still shows that Sony supports its old hardware.  Other grumblings included talk of RTS titan Blizzard working with Microsoft in regards to making the new system more RTS friendly.  I didn’t care as much about that stuff.  Has current generation console gaming seen its peak??


Jeff B